#1 Tamil Online PLC Course

Certificated Program

#1 Tamil Online Plc Course Certificated Program

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is taught by industry expert in 100% Practical Knowledge  

Self-placed Video Lecture | Doubt Clearing Sessions | Free Software Setup | 100 % Practical Class

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Key Highlights of the Course

Mode of Delivery

Record Video

Course Duration

1 Month

No. of Hours:

50+ Hours of Videos


Rs 4999

Get familiar with our Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) syllabus.

About PLC Course Certificate Program

The PLC system is the major key in the technology and industrial sector today. PLC or Programmable Logic Controller is the system that makes machinery and systems work automatically. This Course is create to give the various idea  about PLC with 100% Practical Knowledge. 

The curriculum is regularly updated according to the rising trends in the PLC industry. Led by experienced instructors to create a wholesome learning experience. It’s the perfect way to supercharge your skills, kickstart your career in Programmable Logic Controller , and gain a competitive advantage.

Course Completed Certificated from Shri Guru Educations

By the end of this course we provide  completed certificated. This Certificate help you to get job in Plc automation company.

Our certification is in Alignment with

Program Curriculum

Our exhaustive syllabus is curated by subject-matter experts keeping in mind the industry requirements and expectations.

  • PLC Introduction 
  • Control Circuit
  • How to Check Relays
  • Basic Relay Exercises
  • Relay Logic implementation in Digital Gates
  • Ladder Logic implementation in Digital Gates
  • Basic Ladder Exercises
  • Load Contactor
  • Switch Contactor
  • C Dummy Coil
  • Timer
  • Keyence Software Intro
  • Digital Gates in Keyence PLC Simulation
  • Latch, Dummy Coil & Timer in Keyence PLC Simulation
  • Application-Traffic Light
  • Application-Star-Delta
  • Application-EB-Gen
  • Application-Conveyor
  • Application-Tank Project
  • Counter
  • Application-Counter
  • Up & Down Counter
  • Zen Intro
  • Zen Dummy Coil
  • Zen Input Output
  • Zen Timer
  • Zen Counter
  • Zelio Intro
  • Zelio Comparator
  • Crouzet Intro
  • PLC Wiring
  • PLC & PC Interface
  • Latch in FBD
  • DOL in FBD
  • Motor Forward & Reverse in FBD
  • Macro in FBDClass-37-Timer in FBD
  • Counter in FBD
  • Boolean in FBD
  • Compae Functions in FBD
  • Allen Bradley Introduction 
  • Allen Bradley-Binary Bit
  • Allen Bradley-Timer
  • Allen Bradley-Counter
  • Addressing
  • Compare Part-1
  • Compare-Part-2
  • Allen Bradley-Compare-MEQ
  • AB-Compute & Math
  • Allen Bradley-Move Operations
  • Allen Bradley-Bitwise Logical Operation
  • Allen Bradley-Program Control-Part-1
  • Allen Bradley-Program Control-Part-2
  • Allen Bradley-Program Control-Part-3
  • Allen Bradley-Program Control-Bit Shift Left
  • Allen Bradley-FFL & FFU
  • Allen Bradley-Program Control-Sequencer Compare
  • Allen Bradley-Program Control-Part-Sequencer Load
  • Allen Bradley-Program Control-Part-Sequencer Output

About The Instructor

Video Lectures + 1 on 1 Doubt clear Sessions Trainer

Mr. Prem Anand is the MD of Shri Guru Educations Institute with 17+ year of experienced in Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and worked as senior PLC developer some brand.

Software You Master in this Course

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Download the Program Brochure


You’ll receive a valid and verified certificate endorsed by Shri Guru Educations after the successful completion of the course and You get Both hard copy and Soft copy of the Certificate.

We have Allocated One staff for Quires During the Course

We Provide you the Free PLC Software For Life Time access Related to this Course Which is Worth Of Rs 25000.

  • Yes, In this new era of industrial reality, PLCs will play a noteworthy role as the main control.
  • In Future Every industry Changing Their Technology to automation. 

Yes, You take this course without having any experience. We create this basic level to Advance level.

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